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What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?

Hunt career job sites will indicate the required qualifications. Despite meeting all these requirements, one applicant will be selected and another left out. In some cases, some have more qualifications than the successful candidates. What sets apart the successful candidate?   Soft skills- there are vital skills in work places like communication and leadership that 

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What is Your Dream Job?

Everyone thinks that absolute happiness lies in waking up and finding yourself in your dream job. The desire may be driven by money, passion, fame, etc. Whatever the motivation, here is how to ensure that you secure your dream job in the shortest time possible. Know the industry- experts in career solutions insist that you 

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New Paths to a Great Job

Securing that great job is no longer about waiting for years to get that promotion. The field has changed tremendously making it easy for anyone to get any job at any age and time. What are the new paths to securing that great job? Skills- present day work environment requires a different set of skills 

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How To Show Employers You Have What They Need

A job interview is an opportunity to showcase your skills and ability to your potential employer. This proves difficult at times since you do not understand how best to show case your skills. Aviation careers are more sensitive since they require thorough knowledge and practical skills. How do you show that you possess the skills 

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Hey Job Seeker, It’s Time to Get up and Get Hired

It is frustrating to remain jobless for years despite having the best qualifications. In most cases, it is an issued of not doing things in the right way. A perennial job seeker needs to implement the following simple strategies to get hired immediately. Work on your CV- stop using the same words and description of 

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Careers-Social Networking and Job Hunting

Social media can be a key player in job searching these days. Social networking sites allow potential employers to learn something about prospective employees outside the boundaries of a cover letter, CV, or interview. On the other hand, social networking sites offer job seekers an opportunity to gain valuable insights about the companies and organizations 

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