Careers-Social Networking and Job Hunting

Social media can be a key player in job searching these days. Social networking sites allow potential employers to learn something about prospective employees outside the boundaries of a cover letter, CV, or interview. On the other hand, social networking sites offer job seekers an opportunity to gain valuable insights about the companies and organizations they are interested in. Additionally, social media enables job seekers to network with current as well as former employees, and learn about job vacancies in real time. Here are some useful tips on how to use social media in your job hunt career.


Careers-Social Networking and Job Hunting

Network with Professionals

Using business-oriented social networking sites such as LinkedIn in your job hunt career gives you an opportunity to network with millions of professionals from a vast range of employment sectors across the world. Such sites also have groups for various institutions and regions like universities. Major search engines can quickly link to such sites and tend to list them at the top of most search results. You should ensure that your profile on the site effectively markets you and your skills. It should act like an online CV, as well as express your career goals. It is also a good idea to post your photo in the profile because people are more likely to connect with you if they can see your photo.


Follow Brands, Companies and People

Many graduate recruiters extensively use social networking sites to disseminate information about their companies or organizations, as well as post job vacancies. While you do not need to post information about yourself, you can certainly follow brands, companies, people, and  job hunt issues that interest you. This will offer you valuable insights into current issues as well as concerns and feedback from the people and organizations. A good approach is to post comments about current issues in the employment sector you are interested in.


Use Social Media to let Family and Friends know you are Job Hunting

If you do not mind using social media as a channel for other people to find you, the best thing you can do is to put your interests as your key words. However, if you prefer a little privacy, you can use your social media presence and connections to facilitate your job hunt career. A good starting point when job hunting is your friends. These people know you well; they love you, and are often willing to hire you if they could. Alternatively, they can provide you with references on available job openings.

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