Why Your Job Application Didn’t Get A Response?

Reason Your Job Application Didn’t Get A Response And What You Can Do About It:

Job Application Didn't Get A Response

You may be following all the job application tips you learned in school. However, at a certain point it feels futile that your application letters and resumes are not getting the response you want. In other cases (most of the time), there is no response at all. This is a very frustrating position that can push you into abandoning job search entirely. But before you abandon the search and slump into desperation, here is a look at a few factors that could be causing this dilemma and what you can do about it.


Massive Competition for the Positions:

Recruiters and your target companies receive hundreds and in other cases, thousands of applications when they advertise for positions. This significantly reduces your chances of bagging the job. There are several sources of this stiff competition.

  •  Academic Qualification: – Other applicants have higher academic qualifications than you already have. An applicant with a diploma stands minimal chances compared to one with a degree or even post graduate qualification. This means that your chances of securing the job are highly reduced.
  • Experience: - Despite having the right academic qualification, you do not have experience. Recruiters will go for an experienced person if their academic qualifications are similar.
  • Specific and Additional Skills: - There are additional skills that add value to a plain academic qualification. They include languages, communication skills computer skills, registration with accreditation bodies, etc. These skills and qualifications enhance your chances of securing a job. Different jobs also require specific qualifications. While two people may have a BA degree, accounting option may be more competitive than marketing. Never ignore such skills, it is part of smart job application tips.

To Beat Competition and Secure A Job Easily, you can explore the following options:

  •  Further Training: - Advance your studies to the next level. This will place you at a better position than most graduates with basic training.
  •  Internship: - Internship provides the practical experience that convinces an employer that you can work. It increases the likelihood of being absorbed at the end of your term or being recalled sometime later.
  • Get More Than Basic Qualification: – A person targeting an NGO position with language skills over project management is more competitive. Get support skills in line with your target field of work.
  • System Settings: – The high number of application letters and resumes received by organizations has forced them to turn to automated Application Tracking Systems (ATS). The systems are designed to capture certain words that are relevant to the field. It means that the system ranks applicants in terms of the density of such words. An example is where a software engineer will be recruited on the basic of appearance of such words as java, C#, Objective C, PHP and Python, among others.


How to Capture the Attention of Recruiting Systems?

To ensure that you capture the attention of recruiting systems, it is advisable that you follow the resume writing tips given by professional resume writing service providers. They will help in customizing your CV so that it highlights the desired skills in your industry and places you at a better position to get employment. They will organize your skills in a way that will give you an upper hand during recruitment. You can learn the best resume writing tips from a professional.


Recruiters are too Busy to Send Personal Replies:

While recruiters peruse through all the resumes, they pay attention to different areas at different stages. They spend most of the time searching for the perfect candidate as opposed to sending replies to unsuccessful ones. This means that you must highlight your skills in a way that will capture their attention. From the resume tips given by credible recruitment firms, you should know what employers are looking for. It could be some specific skills. They could be looking for particular years of experience or networks with a certain category of clients or organizations. This understanding will increase your chances of capturing the attention of recruitment agencies and getting a positive response. Register your details on reputable recruitment websites to ensure that these agents have quick access to your details whenever they have unadvertised positions.


Besides job application tips like sending applications and distributing you resume, consider networking with organizations and individuals in your field of interest. Attend exhibitions and seminars to gain exposure on opportunities available. Follow-up on your applications and make all the efforts possible to create a credible industry presence.

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