What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?

Hunt career job sites will indicate the required qualifications. Despite meeting all these requirements, one applicant will be selected and another left out. In some cases, some have more qualifications than the successful candidates. What sets apart the successful candidate?


  • Soft skills- there are vital skills in work places like communication and leadership that make you an outstanding employee. Learn through short courses or show a track record of leadership through experience and you will be a hot cake in employment.
  • Experience- according to hunt career job sites, employers are more interested in practical experience than theoretical knowledge. If possible, take up internship, volunteer or take a less paying job to gain practical experience. This will be valuable when you possess equal academic qualifications with another interviewee.
  • All rounded life- employers find greater value in individuals who engage in other activities beyond their work. The activities include art, sports, volunteer work, spirituality, a second language, etc. Such employees are considered more creative and relaxed at work. They are also picked to lead such activities at their work places.

There are many job seekers with qualifications that are similar to yours. You must identify something that makes you an outstanding potential employee.

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