Top 10 Job Interview Advice

The best career advice you will ever receive is how to handle an interview. This is the defining moment that informs your potential employer of what to expect.

  1. Prepare- carry everything that is required, be organized and tidy. Prepare your thoughts and review your CV.
  2. Come early- it gives you time to acclimatize and relax instead of getting to the interview room hurriedly and breathless.
  3. Relax- this is a defining moment but not life and death. Take a breath before answering a question. Interviewers are fellow human beings.
  4. Research- understand the position you are being interviewed for and the responsibilities you will take up. Know the company and all its operations. Know your field as well.
  5. Confidence- respond to questions in a confident manner. If you do not have an answer, admit but express the desire to know.
  6. Professional- act the position you are being interviewed for. Career advice specialists say that the interviewer should see a prospective employee in you.
  7. Listen- seek clarification in case a question is unclear.
  8. Ask questions- this is an opportunity to express your expectations. Engage the panel as much as possible.
  9. Watch your language- use acceptable and formal language to give an indication of professionalism.
  10. Body language- interviewers should read the right things from your body language.