The Non-Existent Jobs in Coming 15 Years

With automation and technology comes change. Many regular jobs, today in 2015, may be non-existent in 15 years. With the use of machines people are being replaced at an alarming rate. So what are some of the jobs that we consider “regular” than may be totally extinct in the near future?



In the days where books were checked out manually by use of pencil, paper and ink stampers, a librarian was imperative. Books had to be typed up on index cards, by use of typewriters, to be cataloged and manually filed for check-out. In today’s world, books can be instantly downloaded on smart phone or tablets from the user’s arm chair. Reference books and specialized reports can be accessed in the same manner for free. Although, the traditional librarian is still a regular job it could easily be gone in the near future.



Although, a cashier is a regular job in 2015. It could also become a disappearing occupation. With personal check-outs already in existence it is foreseeable in the future. The automated check-out would eliminate labor and benefit costs for employers. The days when customers went to the local store and were handed product off of the shelf is replaced by a “help yourself” mentality. Along with this comes the foreseeable use of automated cashiers everywhere.


Telephone Operator:

The telephone operator, once the life blood of the phone system, is appearing to be phased out more and more. Although, it is still a regular job in 2015, to the user it often feels that the ranks have already been cut significantly. With the use of automation for numbers, questions and other assistance, this is one job we are seeing dwindle before our eyes. In the days of connection by the operator and help with old fashioned party lines telephone operators were necessary for regular phone use. Not so much in today’s world.

telephone operator

Movie Rental Workers:

Another occupation we have seen almost totally disappears before our eyes are the movie rental clerk. It still remains a regular job in places today. But with rental boxes on every corner, live streaming on television and personal devices the need to check in and out movies, re-file them as they are turned in and sell movie treats on the side will most definitely be non-existent in 15 years.

Movie Rental Worker



We see transitions coming about in all of these areas already. With regular jobs such as these disappearing it is certain that many other jobs that we consider regular, every day occupations won’t be far behind.


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