How To Show Employers You Have What They Need

A job interview is an opportunity to showcase your skills and ability to your potential employer. This proves difficult at times since you do not understand how best to show case your skills. Aviation careers are more sensitive since they require thorough knowledge and practical skills. How do you show that you possess the skills required?

  • Indicate it in your CV- do not wait until the interview to verbally state the skills you have to your potential employer. Have all skills that are relevant to your industry indicated in your CV. This is what will earn you a call to the interview. Indicate internship opportunities, fellowship, presentations, invitations, etc. Any relevant exposure should feature in your CV.

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  • Look the part- your words and body language say a lot about you. Look like a pilot, an engineer, broadcaster, etc. Use the language they use, understand the requirements and you will easily convince your potential employer.

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  • Know the industry- knowledge of the industry is critical especially for aviation careers. Understand the latest developments in technology, regulation, skills requirement, etc. You should be ready to express your knowledge and justify your understanding.Knowledge

Interviews are more about perception since most interviewees possess basic skills. Take every step to convince the panel that you are the best.

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