How to Make a Best Video Resume?

How to make a video resume or CV

A video resume will enhance your chances of getting a job a great deal. To achieve this, you will need to prepare a high quality recording. This method has proven better or an enhancement to the paper CV because it offers the potential employer a chance to know your personality before the physical interview. There are more resources available to facilitate recording. This has reduced the price and enables you to produce a high quality clip. 

Prepare for Recording a Video Resume:

Live recording will clearly reveal your personality and therefore the clip must be the best possible.

  • Dressing- Believe it or not, your appearance will earn you a higher score. Gentlemen should wear a suit and an official shirt with a matching tie. Appear as you would when attending a physical interview. On the other hand women should be extra cautious with the appearance of their hair. The blouse or top you put on should reflect a personality that matches the position you are applying for.
  • Background- Besides your appearance, the quality of your video will be determined by the surrounding. Light should fall directly on your face to avoid shadows or a dull appearance. The best time to record should be during the day when there is sufficient natural light. The camera should provide the best angle and shot to plead your case. Look directly into the eye of the viewer. This view is compelling.
  • Telling Your Tale- The value of the content of the video will determine its quality. The format for video resume is similar to what is in written form. The only difference is that one is written while the other is one is animated.
    • Introduction- This is a short and precise sentence stating your name and the position you are applying for.
    • Why you’re a good fit for the Position- This can be termed as the body of your recorded resume. It is your chance to reveal your core competencies and how they add value to the organization. Be specific about how your skills, experience and passion will deliver to their expectations based on the job description provided. This segment requires someone who is articulate because it will either make or break your application. Do not recycle whatever is written on the paper CV. Rather, highlight the skills or competencies that will give you an upper hand and make you a more competitive applicant.
    • Sign off- Thank the viewer for his time in the most pleasant and memorable way. Request an opportunity to engage further through an interview and express your desire to secure the position. All these must be done in the shortest time while deliberately using compelling words.

Preparing a video resume helps you to break the interaction barrier to a name on paper or some printed details.


Tools Required for Preparing a Video Resume:

You will need a budget to prepare a recorded resume however, short it will be. Do not be lured into using a camera phone because of quality and format issues. Invest in professional equipment to enhance the quality of your recorded resume.

  • Digital Camera- A high quality camera will produce the best shots for your video. Visit a professional studio to benefit from experienced production and specialist editing. It allows you to zoom and also gives you independent criticism to ascertain its quality.
  • Quality Sound- Get a high quality voice capturing device either fixed on the camera or placed at an appropriate distance. It should capture the voice as it is in real time and correspond with your actions. Do not edit the voice since it might affect your credibility when you appear on the material day.
  • Editing- Editing videos is supposed to eliminate the unwanted segments of the clip. Find high quality software that will help produce the best clip. Eliminate any bluffs, unnecessary and repetitive sections. Take several shots and choose the best.
  • The Length of a Video Resume: Within the first ten seconds, the viewer can judge your age, ethnicity, social class and overall personality. Such a video should not be more than three minutes long. It must reveal a confident, skilled and articulate professional. Upload the video on your social media platform and provide the link alongside your paper CV.

You need to thoroughly prepare for video resume as you would when attending a face to face interview. Be ready to give your best presentation within the shortest time possible and in the most articulate manner. It makes you stand out among other applicants and increases your chance of securing the job.

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