How to Become A Good Public Speaker

When asked to list their greatest fears experts say that invariably people list public speaking as number one. Nothing is as paralyzing to most as standing before a crowded room of people addressing them. Are there ways to make it better?


According to Experts, There are some tips which can make you expert in “Public Speaking”

  1. Prepare: Nothing will give the confidence when the time comes that knowing the subject will. It is your arena. Go in and prepared from every possible angle. Should you hit a snag during the speech, you should know enough to interject from knowledge that you have stored mentally or on notes. If questions arise from the audience you will be more confident in having gleaned everything possible ahead of time. As in anything, preparation is vital to your success and inner peace going in to speak. Have a strategy and be ready to execute it.
  2. Practice: Read, re-read, get everything polished. Then practice. Speak aloud to yourself, to the mirror and then to family and friends. Just as public speaking practice gives you layers of confidence for the next time, familiarity with your subject and context will matter most when you take the podium. This also eliminates the need for constantly referring to notes. If thoroughly practiced, a speaker can use keywords to lead them into the next topic seamlessly. Speaking coaches contend that this is the number one key to ensuring success.
  3. Dress Professionally: Dressing professionally, not only ensures that the audience will take you seriously; it will also give you more confidence. Being polished in appearance is going to make you feel better about yourself and the presentation in general. There is a mental connection to dressing as we hope to be perceived. Being sloppy or unkempt will draw attention away from the message and to your appearance.
  4. Become Familiar with The Environment: If at all possible go in and access the room or lecture hall. View the layout. Become familiar with the microphone system. Note where the crowd will be that you will address. Knowing what you are going into and knowing the layout will help tremendously when you speak. If you have visuals or need to move around, you should become familiar with cords, obstacles and the entire feel of the room. Visualize the situation before time to speak.
  5. Know Your Audience: If you are speaking to professionals or lay people, know what their expectations will be. To be informative you must be familiar with who these listeners are and what they wish to learn. If the setting is casual and amongst friends there should be obviously be a more casual, familiar feel to what you have to say. Friends generally hope to be entertained by their peers.
  6. Be Authentic: Nothing will endear you to the audience like being real. If you mess up, move on. Be warm, be real, and Laugh, if appropriate. If you trip on stage or miss a point just pick up and move on. Pretending to be someone you are not or appearing artificial will not gain you listeners. In your authenticity, look the audiences in the eye. This will engage the people and also help you relax.


After making the proper preparation, going in and being yourself you are sure to deliver the message intended. From that you will walk away with pride and a feeling of genuine accomplishment of having done a great job on something most fear.