How to Be Effective in a Company?

Tips To Be Effective at Work, No Matter Your Level:

Be Effective

To be effective in your company, regardless of level of working, would be easy if you can practice simple things in your workplace.

An executive does not get to the top of a company without a lot of hard word, dedication, and headaches. They work long hours, manage many different aspects of business, and need to stay focused as long as possible to be able to effectively run the company. Employees need to understand the demands placed on those in command, and strive to be of service rather than a hindrance.


“In an article on BBC, many top level executives share their secrets on how to accomplish all the daily demands and rigors of being the boss of a company.”


Jeff Immelt, the chief exective of General Electric has wise advice that can apply to anyone in the company: “You just have to hold yourself accountable for those things you personally can have an impact on and leave the rest behind.”  In other words, don’t obsess on what you cannot do, but focus on what you are able to do.


Martin Gilbert, the chief executive of Aberseen Asset Management feels strongly about handing over tasks to others when possible as his ”  whole modus operandi is to get it off my desk as quickly as possible onto someone else’s desk.”   While delegating work is good practice, it can be difficult to do for many executives who want to get things accomplished their way. This is understandable, but can quickly cause burnout.


Employers are looking for workers they can trust, with a good history of problem solving, and a willingness to be of service. Because their time is often taken up with many issues, they also want employees who will not waste their time, and are succint, clear with their goals or issues, and are willing to take and use advice. Be prepared and ready to work.


Allan Zeman, founder of the Lan Kwai Fong Group realizes “The most important thing in life is to have a balance.” This is true for everyone, as too much work causes stress, and too much play can cost a job or promotion. He believes that “exercise helps to clear your body, helps to clear your mind.” Employees should take that to heart as the boss will look favorably on those who take care of themselves. This shows your desire to be healthy, focused, and well-rounded.


While the top level are busy in the company, they can still see and hear about their employees. They take notice of those employees that have a good attitude at work, are willing to go above and beyond their job description, and appear to have the company’s values in mind. Employees should always strive to have a professional demeanor, build a history of good work and attendance, and be able to work alone or with a team.


Top bosses like to see themselves in their workers, and can relate to those that have similar goals, plans, and attitudes. School may be over, but it is never too late to study what makes your boss the top dog of the company.


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