Hey Job Seeker, It’s Time to Get up and Get Hired

It is frustrating to remain jobless for years despite having the best qualifications. In most cases, it is an issued of not doing things in the right way. A perennial job seeker needs to implement the following simple strategies to get hired immediately.


  • Work on your CV- stop using the same words and description of skills to look for jobs everywhere. Employers are looking for specific skills depending on the industry and job on offer. The secret is to align your CV with the sector or department you are targeting.
  • Avoid common employers- the common employers receive thousands of CVs on daily basis. Go for outsides and less known players in your industry. They will listen to you, allow you to grow and eventually be head hunted by your target employer due to your performance.
  • Be an intern- every job seeker must appreciate the beginner phase. This could be internship or a less paying job. It is after sharpening your skills that you will be attractive to the major league players.
  • More skills- competition at the basic level of skills is very high. By acquiring additional soft skills, you will become more competitive and attractive to employers.


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