Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

So, You have a LinkedIn Profile and sent out 100 good, concise, resumes, but you’re not hearing back from recruiters.

Getting your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

What can be done to remedy the situation and get you the needed attention? Resumes often wind up in stacks on the desk of a recruiter. They appear much the same, almost generic in appearance. Today social recruiting has risen from 67 percent two years ago, to an estimated 90 percent today. What can set your LinkedIn profile above the crowd? There are a few tips that can make the difference in you obtaining that dream career or remaining in a dead end job.

  • Profile Picture:

First of all, add a good profile picture. “Studies show that recruiters spend up to 19 percent of the time they use LinkedIn profile picture.” Using the default gray avatar is terrible idea. It shows laziness, inattention to detail and human beings like to look at other humans and attempt to figure them out. Some experts recommend putting on your business clothes and having a top grade photo made. Others insist it is best to appear in your work environment or desired one. They feel being near the machines you man or at the desk you work from gives a much clearer idea of who you are. Regardless of what you select, give visualization to who you are.

  • Be Specific:

Next select dream jobs you aspire to have. Target your LinkedIn profile accordingly. If there is a specialized company, focus your profile talents accordingly. Be keyword specific. Don’t be overly obvious with what you are trying to achieve, but bring it into your skill set as a focus. Recruiters often search for specialty keywords in candidate selection. There are settings you can utilize to determine which words in your skill set are sought after most. Also be specific and clean in your name usage. Use only your name for your profile. Share contact information elsewhere.

  • Get Ahead:

Attempt to get ahead of postings on recruiter job boards. By that time jobs are vacated, recruiters have often pinpointed who they plan to hire. Before your dream jobs are open, list skills that you have that would be needed for that specific position. Put yourself out there to be seen as a viable candidate for your desired career. If you are on a continual search, update accordingly.

  • Use Great Headlines:

Set yourself apart. Think outside of the box and make your LinkedIn profile stand out. In addition to your picture and keywords, recruiters are often drawn to good headlines when scanning profiles. Let your title stand out as far as what you do and what you aspire to do. Let your headline convince employers they need you.

  • Be Professional:

When listing your URL avoid generic terms. Use a professional name. Also, beneath that there is a place where you can list white papers or e-books you may have compiled. Provide those. In addition to showing professionalism, this may also give your business leads. As others utilize those you can see areas of interest in your field.

  • Reach Out:

Numbers are another thing recruiters look for. Profiles that have 500 contacts show up on 90 percent of sites. Those with only 100 usually do not. Being selective is vitally important. You should include contacts from within your field. This also means some competitors. You should have certain groups such as the chamber of commerce and other organizations. Finally, you should have your specific professional leader contacts. Recruiters will search to see your affiliations. Contacts with degrees and professional titles will be listed first. Begin with co-workers, previous co-workers, friends and family members. Build your contacts from that. Sending a personal message enhances your chances of being accepted as a contact, rather than sending the generic request.

  • References:

The same holds true for references. While some experts recommend listing three references, others say you should provide many more. Be specific about what you are trying to aspire and why you have selected them. Use those individuals who know your work ethic, skill levels and personal integrity. References not only tell what you have done, but also your capabilities and contacts.

  • Show Who You Are:

Sharing interests and why you like certain things, such as specific publications, gives more insight into who you are. Give links to additional resources, such as podcast and interviews. Professional contacts and recruiters are searching for all the information possible to obtain a picture of the whole person. Be sure your profile is complete. Let it be a true reflection of who you are.

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