Dress To Impress: How to Master the ‘Casual’ Job Interview


Casual job interviews are tricky since they boarder seriousness and the lack of it. While you are expected to work in a casual environment, the job interview session remains a formal engagement. How then do you handle it?


  • Make it casual- appreciate the fact that you will be working in a casual atmosphere from the beginning. Your interviewers are also likely to be casually dressed. Pick a casual look that fits the role you will be taking. The image you portray will determine the reception you receive. Do not look out of place in suits and official wear.
  • Be decent- as much as you are casual, do not strip down too far. Maintain a level of decency that will give an impression that you are the right person for the job. Conduct research and select cloths that will make you look the part.
  • It is still formal- let the casual dressing not blind you into taking the job interview any less serious. Maintain formal distance and language with your interviewers. Apart from the dressing, everything else should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Despite being casually dressed, you must indicate the seriousness that is required to take up the role.



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