Airline Industry Sector – Work in The Air And On The Ground

Airline Industry Sector

As the airline industry continues to grow, so do the number of airline industry jobs. Working in this field can be very rewarding, and it takes many qualified employees to keep aircraft running smoothly.


There are many airlines in the U.S., and the top cities to find a job are where the airlines are headquartered. Jobs can be found in Burlingame, California (Virgin America); Atlanta, Georgia (Delta); Long Island City, New York (Jet Blue); Denver, Colorado (Frontier); Dallas, Texas (Southwest Airlines); Fort Worth, Texas (American Airlines); and Phoenix, Arizona (U.S. Airways).


People usually think of flight attendants and pilots when it comes to flying, and those jobs are the most popular. While most airline industry jobs do not require college degrees, some training is usually mandatory. Some jobs take a few years to be properly certified.


FLIGHT  ATTENDANTS ensure safety and comfort of the passengers. Degree requirements are a high school diploma and a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency from the FAA, obtained through a training course. The average salary is about $67,000 a year and requires someone over 18 in good shape and health.
The starting pay of a PILOT is $36,000, but can go up to $140,000 a year with experience. College is not required, but they must gain a certificate from a 1CFR141 approved flight school. Pilots must be 18 (airline/transport pilots must be at least 23) and have at least 1500 hours of flight time before flying commercially. All pilots need to pass drug tests and have 20/20 vision. Pilots are required to retire at age 65.
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS coordinate and manage the flight patterns of every aircraft. The minimum age to begin training is 18, with mandatory retirement at 60. They must pass an FAA approved training program, receive a passing score on the FAA pre-employment test, and gain security clearance. Air Force air traffic controllers make up to $55,000, while an FAA position can go to $130,000. This is an ever-expanding job.


AVIATION MECHANICS  fix and keep aircraft up to code. They must be at least 18 year old with 18 – 30 months experience depending on specialty, and pass three tests, or graduate from an FAA approved maintenance technician school. The lead salary is $72,000 per year.

RAMP AGENTS service the planes in between flights. This is an all-weather outdoor job that can be stressful. Agents must be at least 18 year old, have a high school diploma, and receives on the job training. The median salary is around $25,000.

GATE AGENTS help customers with pre-boarding issues. They must be at least 18, have a high school diploma, pass a TSA background check, and have a pleasant demeanor. Rates are from $9-$16 an hour.


Airline industry jobs are in demand. There are numerous positions available in sales, customer service, baggage, tickets, managers, and service agents at every airline.

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