10 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

According to hunt career jobs listings there is no sure indication that the interview was successful unless you have been offered a contract. However, you can see the signs of a positive outcome from your interview if you see the following signals.

  1. Follow up call- the HR may call you to inquire more especially on availability, more documents, another interview, etc.
  2. Lengthy questioning- the panel wraps up the interview at the earliest opportunity if they are not interested in the candidate. Further probing is an indication of interest.
  3. Another invitation- hunt career job listings sites have positions that require more than a single interview. If you have been called for a second or third, it is a sign that things are going in your favor.
  4. Request for references- the HR department will want to know more from your referees only if they are interested.
  5. Orientation- employers offer an opportunity to test the field to the candidates they are interested in.
  6. Transition steps- a request to begin transition from your current employer is an indication that your interview was successful.
  7. Questions about money- during the interview, the panel may ask about money to see if they can afford your skills.
  8. An impressed HR- if the HR is impressed, it will be written allover his face.
  9. Non verbal – excitement in the room and a feeling that you are already part of the team are non-verbal signals of success.
  10. Commencement date- the panel may inquire whether you will be available on a certain date.
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