Corporate behavior

Tips for Avoid Distraction at Work

Productive corporate behavior demands a lot of concentration in order to get as much done. This is not the easiest thing to do especially with internet on your desk and the allures of social media, among other distractions. Some people find it easy to concentrate on a task for hours and eventually become the most 

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How to Be Effective in a Company?

Tips To Be Effective at Work, No Matter Your Level: To be effective in your company, regardless of level of working, would be easy if you can practice simple things in your workplace. An executive does not get to the top of a company without a lot of hard word, dedication, and headaches. They work 

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Master The Art Of Surviving Bad Bosses With These Tips

Bad Bosses survival or Working with difficult bosses is one of the greatest challenges in the workplace today. Office Team, a national administrative staffing team, finds that 50 percent of employees claim to have a difficult boss. Job satisfaction greatly correlates with boss relationships they say. Employees generally go into the new workplace with high 

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