Surviving Personality Test Can Help To Secure A Job!

With more and more companies administering pre-employment personality tests, what is the answer to surviving them?



Specialists say that as many as 39 percent of employers currently administer personality tests in the workplace today. Most are made up of 200 multiple choice questions. These are designed to determine your success and whether or not you are a fit for a position.

According to Forbes John Jones, president and chief psychologist for IPAT one of the primary tests used in these evaluations, recommends viewing the process as an extension of the interview. Research has found that people are more likely to be honest and transparent on paper than in a face to face interview.”

The tests may also uncover traits or characteristics that the candidate might not know to mention in a traditional interview setting. Jones says the best way to survive the test is to be honest. His team sometimes see scores of someone who tried to give what they believe to be desired answers. He says they jokingly say that person tricked themselves out of a job.


Texas A&M Human Resources Professor Murray Barrick agrees. Honesty is the way to survive he also insists. Sometimes the test may ask the question different ways.”


Specialists say that generally a professional at some skill will rate themselves as a 4.5 on a skills assessment. The novice usually says they are 8.5 on skills. The tests show much about personality types. A born salesman generally answers in a positive light about themselves. One new-hire said that after taking the test and receiving results he had positive follow-up. The manager explained his work skills and personality traits. He then pointed out those in the organization with similar qualities. Following that he showed those people who are the exact opposite. This knowledge has helped the worker on a daily basis. He said it has been the smoothest experience of his life.


Keys to surviving the personality tests are honesty, not trying to cheat and not over-analyzing the questions. “Specialists say that in general the first answer that comes to us is the correct for us.”


The tests often ask the same question in different ways. They caution to be aware of this. Mock tests readily available for free online are a good idea. They can help you gain a general idea of what to expect. Most importantly according to specialists you should know yourself going into the test. Mock tests help with this.When preparing to take personality tests go to the test rested. Be completely honest, this may include personal information about yourself that you are not proud of. Answer with the first thing that comes in your mind. Test professionals say that if there are two that are almost the same answer, select the most favorable one.


Finally, after receiving results use them. Whether you are selected for the job at hand or go to another one. Gain understanding of your talents and abilities. Use these. Areas that are shown to be weaknesses can be strengthened and strong points can be made even better. Both should be used to make you the best employee possible.

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