Ace The Phone Interview With These Simple Tips

Tips To Win Phone Interview:-

Phone Interviews are becoming more and more popular today. Employers are utilizing this method to determine if they want to spend the time and effort on a formal interview process. There are a few interview tips that can help you ace that all important telephonic interview.

phone interview tips

  1. Mock Interviews:

    Before the appointed telephone interview time, have family and friends hold mock interview sessions with you. There are frequent questions that are usually asked. Be prepared. Examples might include: what your greatest failure professionally has been, naming your greatest accomplishment or what you can bring to the company. Be prepared for hard questions, perhaps why you have had a lot of jobs or if you were fired. Relocation, travel and earnings will probably be discussed.

  2. Research:

    Be familiar with the company you are having the phone interview with. Know enough to ask appropriate questions. Have all the knowledge you can about the job you are applying for in advance.

  3. Make Sure The Time is Right:

    Should the interviewer call you unexpectedly, ask for a better time. You should be prepared when you speak. This could be your one chance to be called in for the real interview. It is acceptable to ask for a better time for them and be prepared at that time.

  4. Reference Notes:

    Make good notes ahead of time. Have them easily accessible when the time comes so that you can pick out keywords and give the best possible answers. Know exactly what you need to bring out. Go over the notes in advance so that you are well prepared, but have them available when needed.

  5. Turn Off Call Waiting:

    Disable call waiting for the interview. Your answers, as well as questions you are being asked should be clear and distinct. You might also want to turn the ringer off of a secondary phone if there is one nearby.

  6. Listen First:

    Let the interviewer lead. Listen to what they have to say or ask and respond after that. You want a clear understanding of what is being said. Your answers should be in context to the exact questions being asked of you.

  7. Rid Distractions:

    Be in a quiet place. Turn off the telephone. Children, pets, crowd noise should not be in the background. You want to be free to think and it is imperative that you hear clearly and are heard well.

  8. Stand-Up:

    You project better and sound more confident when standing. Stand and if necessary tape your notes where you can reference them when needed.

  9. Smile:

    You really can hear a smile over the phone. Sounding positive and upbeat it vital. Smile at appropriate times and be warm throughout the interview.

  10. List Accomplishments:

    Write down accomplishments and be able to verbally expound on those to the potential employer. This is not a time for modesty. Name them and make the interviewer see how vital you are to the company. Let them see you are necessary.

  11. Be Appreciative:

    End on a positive note. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity of speaking with them. Be kind and appreciative. This will be their final impression of you. Make it a good one.

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