Job Search & Networking Strategies

Finding a job as a fresher in the current economic environment requires more than just looking in job sites and scheming through classified ads. Nowadays, finding a job that suits you as much as it suits the employer will rarely result from taking a straight path. When looking for jobs, USA Freshers should consider several available avenues and variables in order to improve their chances of landing a desirable job. Here are a few job search and networking strategies to consider.

Prepare to Network

Before you dive into the networking pool, take some time to prepare. If you are an extrovert, this may mean carefully considering what you have to offer. However, this may be a bit difficult for a shy job hunter. For an introvert, it can be overwhelming if he/she expects to talk to very individual at an event. Nevertheless, the best approach is to set a numerical target of the number of individuals you intend to interact with. You can try to obtain a list of the attendees and conduct some research on them to prepare as well as help in preventing any awkward situations.

Find the Appropriate Venues to Network

For many job hunters, networking to get a job means going to job fairs and speaking with prospective employees. While job fairs are useful, they should not be solely relied upon. Networking can happen in numerous other ways and places. It could involve even simple activities like dropping the kids at school or visiting the grocery store. You should network whenever there is a chance. Industry-specific forums, social events, lectures, unemployment support groups, and chamber of commerce conferences are effective avenues for networking.


When looking for jobs, USA Freshers should consider volunteering. Volunteer opportunities not only provide an effective way to network, but also to meet potential employers and like-minded individuals in a feel-good setting. It also offers an opportunity for someone to develop as well as showcase new skills.

Start or Join a Job Club

Most freshers will find it somewhat difficult to land a job, especially in such difficult economic times. Under the prevailing economic climate, a job club can offer significant support to Freshers. A job club will provide an effective opportunity for networking with other members. It also offers a great opportunity to share ideas with other members on who is hiring, and other job search and networking strategies.

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